We're Shannon & Kyra

founders of oh mumma
We're here for mums.

A huge part of our commitment to making mums lives better is our charity partnership with Ronald McDonald House. £1 of every box sold goes towards creating a box for a mum staying at Ronald McDonald House while their child is getting treatment in hospital nearby, giving them a moment when they need it most.

Our Mummafesto

We’re here for mums
the working mums, the stay-at-home mums, the brand new mums and the been-winging-it-for-years mums
We are making a stand and taking the lead
We’re tired, but we’re fighting.
For more, for better

Get in touch..

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Drop us a line and we will get back to you and soon as the kids are asleep.

Drop us a line below or email us at hello@ohmumma.com

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