About Oh Mumma

Where it all began

Hi, we're Shannon and Kyra, founders of Oh Mumma! Working in the beauty industry for years, our paths crossed many times before Oh Mumma was born. It took the birth of both our boys, a shared love for beauty and a desire to support mums any way we can to get Oh Mumma off the ground. Our passion for challenging the status quo, championing flexibility at work and the good old 'work life balance' led us to this path that we're glad you're joining us on now. 

What we believe

We believe that mum knows best. We're not going to be handing out any advice on how to be a better mum because we think you're doing a pretty damn good job. We are BIG believers in keepin' it real; the good, the bad, and the REALLY messy side of mummahood. Our blog covers personal stories of motherhood and topics we want to share with our community of awesome mums. Let's just have each other's back through it all and find a way to put a smile on another mum's face. As mumpreneurs ourselves we want to get behind mums and their dreams however we can. In our monthly beauty boxes you won't find any products that we don't personally LOVE. Our boxes are made from recyclable materials or why not re-use them to store all the tiny toys you have in the house now!

How we give back

We donate 1% of revenue to PANDAs foundation. They support any parent who is experiencing a perinatal mental illness. No one suffering any form of mental illness should feel they are on their own. If you would like to find out more about their work CLICK HERE

The Mumma Test

Mums trust mums. Recommendations count for more than huge advertising budgets when it comes to spending your hard earned cash. The products inside each box are selected and tested by mums so we can delivery you the best monthly subscription beauty box for your self-care time. We’re guessing you’re not looking for a 10-step smokey eye kit so we promise to keep it simple.