Motherhood...what does it mean to you?

With Mother's Day almost here, we started to talk about what being a mum meant to us.  We've said it time and time again, becoming a mum changes everything and it's so true right?  The reality versus expectations can be miles out and also make us think of our relationships with our own mums, especially if we are still lucky enough to have them around.  I lucked out with my mum, and we'll be seeing her on Sunday too but also thinking about those for who Mother's Day isn't an easy one for.  Giving you a big hug.  

We asked these mumma's to tell us what motherhood means to them...

Motherhood is… being honest and authentic… a positive role model in today’s ever-changing world… it’s empowering and enabling my children to be confident, independent and resilient to life’s challenges… and most of all encouraging them to be their true selves, comfortable in their own skin, thriving and enjoying their lives to the max. Liz.


When I became a mum I felt a love that consumed every part of me.  But I also learnt to like cold coffee, love dry shampoo, and become a professional juggler.  Kay.


Motherhood is a beautiful big messy emotional rollercoaster. It’s the biggest love you’ve ever experienced and also some of the worst heartbreak. It’s looking for lost shoes when you’re already late and taking that daytime nap in the middle of the day with your newborn and soaking up those sweetest snuggles. Sometimes it’s mourning the loss of the career you once had or mourning the loss of the pregnancy you never told anyone about. Watching this tiny human become who she or he will be is a gift. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s definitely worth it.  Thank you.  Bonika.


Motherhood is like a multi coloured umbrella, ultimately providing protection against anything that falls into your world but also allowing you to fly in the wind and take you on such amazing adventures through the eyes of your child. Debs.


Motherhood is magic and messy. It's wanting to live in the moment forever and thinking I can't take this another second. It's realising that my imperfections make me human and wanting my kids to see that that's O.K. Shannon. 


For a long time I thought that motherhood was never going to happen for me but it did and I’m so grateful everyday that I now get the opportunity to make and shape these little people. They make me laugh every day. Becoming a mum also made me appreciate how lucky I got with my mum too.  Kyra. 

Motherhood for me is all about our modern family, it’s not everyone’s ideal situation but I wouldn’t change it.  We have to juggle a little more but we’ve grown an amazing family unit, Henry 10 & Evie 16 are brother and sister no blood line but the bond is strong, each family moment and memory we have together… Our family is my favourite place to be and our memories make me proud, every family has its tough times and ours is just the same navigating the day to day but with a wider consciousness of extended families.   I’m not Evie’s mummy and I don’t try to be, she has a mummy that’s her best friend but I know I’m a special person in her life and I’m always there.  Gary is Henry’s dad, every football match every fall that’s how our path has led us, with our little Ivy now 5 completing our family, she has a big sister and brother, the 5 of us plus more in our extended family and being a mum amongst the madness is my proudest achievement.  Tanya. 

As a single mum, raising a teenager on your own can be very challenging but we work through the tantrums and tears together. Seeing her turn into a beautiful polite young lady is a reward in itself.  Kelly.

Motherhood is by far the best thing to ever happen to me. The lessons I have and am still learning are endless; I have learnt how much love I am capable of feeling, how much I can achieve in 5 mins to myself, how to function on a few hours sleep, how much patience & empathy I actually have and how much I love a cuddle!

It’s such an emotional rollercoaster and all your life’s priorities completely change.
No matter how bad your day has been, when your little one says ‘love you mummy’ it all melts away!  Lisa. 


Whatever you're up to this weekend, we send you lots of love.  Also, can we talk about the irony of the clocks changing on THE SAME DAY!  Yes, we get one hour less of Mother's Day...that to me sums up motherhood ;-). 


Kyra x

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