Meet the Pappa Maker - Gresham Blake

Gresham Blake


What's the secret of working with family?

We have clear different roles, so our paths don’t cross too many times. We talk about the day on the way home and stop when we get there, but most of all it’s all about love and respect.


Your brand has been in business for over 20 years. What advice would you give anyone starting their own business or launching a brand?

I always say make sure it’s what you really want to do, make sure it’s a product you would use, and be prepared to sell yourself. Also think carefully about using your own name, it can make it hard to separate yourself from the brand.


                      Gresham Blake


Who's the coolest Dad you've dressed and why?

Ray Winstone comes to mind, cos who wouldn’t want Ray as their dad?


How will your Father's Day be spent?

I asked my daughter, and this is what she said, “watching movies and eating a load of junk food”.


How are you working through the pandemic as a brand?

It’s given me the chance to get back to basics and refocus. We have been able to supply masks to Europe and through our website. It’s helped with cash flow and we have donated some to a local charity.


              Gresham Blake


What do you do to relax?

Simple listen to Music. We have even had some records out under the name “Shakeable Germ” and collaborated with Phats & Small, D Double E, Orbital and others, it’s fun making the music videos.


What would you tell your 20 year old self? 

To stop parting hard at 30 not 40, however, I wouldn’t have listened. 


We love the socks in the Father's Day box - do you match your socks to your outfit? 

My head tailor Luke, bases his whole look around his socks, but I’m the opposite, it’s the last thing on the list.  I would only wear black socks with a black suit, green with tweed and anything with A blue suit. 


 What are your favourite pair?

The black ice lolly’s for sure.


Favourite catchphrase/mantra....

Just to be honest and in everything you do then nothing will come and bite you in the arse.

Gresham Blake


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