Meet Rebecca & Clare- Founders of Balance Me

Meet Rebecca & Clare- Founders of Balance Me - Oh Mumma

Back in 2005 long term stresses and 21st century fast paced living had taken its toll on co-founding sisters, Rebecca and Clare’s health and skin. They’d developed skin reactions over time – incredibly sensitive, red and suffering from hormonal breakouts where previously they could use any skincare without consequence. They turned to natural skincare at a time when it wasn’t highly regarded by consumers or the beauty industry, with the belief they could create powerful natural skincare that would solve their skin concerns. They wanted to effect change and Balance Me was born.  A skincare range that’s evolved as the sisters hit key life milestones form first signs of ageing, through motherhood, teen children to their own hormonal changes and beyond. The recognition that just five minutes of self-care through skincare can have a dramatic effect on their daily wellbeing

Where do you feel most inspired?
When I’m exercising and having some quiet ‘me time’. I swim outside (we have a lido 5 minutes from my house), I do quite a bit of yoga (when I have time) and love walking/being in the fresh air. I always find that when my mind and body is relaxed I have some of my best ideas or naturally solve a problem that has come up at work.
Rebecca Balance Me
As a mum how do you juggle running a business and families?
It’s really hard. I have a very supportive partner and we also an amazing (nanny – can I say that?) that helps with school pick up which we’ve really needed as our other family live a long way away. I have to be really organised too. I do think being a working Mum makes you more efficient and you find you naturally prioritise who and what you spend your time on. You build up a core of really close friends. I’m a big believer in holidays and good quality family time together. A big hobby is travel and we love taking the children to new places. They have become very easy travellers and we have great fun in the process.

How did becoming a mum influence your product offering?
Balance Me Promise - We’ve always been big fans of sulphate-free washes that don’t dry your skin, and 100% natural balms without petrolatum and sulphates. – these are all very baby friendly.
Can you word how as we’ve grown older, we’ve brought out different ranges that target different skin concerns like ageing, fine lines, dark under eye circles. When we set up the brand 15 years ago, my skin was more combination, as I’ve had children, I’m more worried about ageing and during and post pregnancy my skin got quite dry.

Also that Rebecca and many of our friends children are now teenagers and had great success with the products on their children, in particular our Flash Cleanse Micellar Water, Pure Skin Face Wash, Congested Skin Serum for spots and Balancing Face Moisturiser as a light daily cream.
Also we are constantly looking at our sustainability e.g. in terms of our packaging, removed sheet masks and never done wet wipes - looking after the planet now for our children to enjoy

If you weren't doing this what would you be doing?
I’d work in travel, still with a well-being angle. I used to teach yoga but after doing a business degree, I really enjoy using my business brain

Balance Me

What are you most proud of at the moment?
Our new branding and how the brand we set up 15 years ago is still or even more relevant today to everyone’s conversations about work-life balance, sustainability and natural formulations that work.

Tell us what 5 products (beauty or anything) you can't live without
My body brushes
Stellar balm (in fact all our products)
Vitamin D tablets in the winter
Swimming costume and goggles
Yoga mat

Give us a peek inside what you have planned for the future of Balance Me...
We have some very exiting NPD launches in 2020 which will feature acids (AHAs, BHAs, PHAs), a retinol-alternative (Bakuchiol), and microbiome-friendly skincare. We’ll be rolling out our range in more UK stores with our retail partners and have further countries stocking our range.

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