Meet Lauren- Founder of Kokoso

Meet Lauren- Founder of Kokoso - Oh Mumma

We love a good birth story so give us the details on kokoso..

As a new mum, I was very suspicious of any hidden nasties in baby products. My little girl had super sensitive, eczema-prone skin and I wanted to find a natural solution I could trust in completely. I’d never used coconut oil before, but I was amazed at how brilliant it was for my baby’s skin whilst being so versatile and pure. I quickly became passionate about sharing its wonder powers with others, and started buying jars for friends with babies. That’s when I had the idea to create my own baby coconut oil brand that new parents like myself can trust to be the very best product for their little ones and so Kokoso was born.


How has your life changed since having kids

Before starting our family, I was a copywriter in advertising and marketing for ten years. I just thought that was me; that was what I’d always do. But becoming a mum changed everything! I had the idea for Kokoso during maternity leave in 2012 but could never imagine how drastically it would alter our lives, all thanks to falling in love with coconut oil. Both my husband and I gave up our 9-5 jobs to run the business initially at home around our children, and then at our amazing new warehouse and office (a real pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming achievement). We’ve never worked harder, but no other job has ever meant as much.


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How do you find inspiration to continue to develop kokoso?

I love developing amazing new products for the range. There’s nothing like the buzz of launching a product you’ve put your heart and soul into, and waiting to hear what your customers think. I’m very proud of the fact that we create our products from scratch rather than buying white label formulations (how lots of other brands do it), as we’re super strict about what can goes into the range. It’s a must costlier way to do it, but we believe this makes our products all the more special.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to any mum launching a brand?

Don’t wait for ‘perfect’ to launch. Yes, the quality of your actual product is key. But when it comes to your website, labelling or branding, these are things that can devolve as you get to know who you are as a business. The important thing is to get the product out there and gain useful feedback from real people. This is exactly what we did, and our packaging and brand have changed quite a lot since launching in 2014. Even our logo has been tweaked to look more coconutty!

Give us your 5 must-have mum products (beauty or whatever)?

  1. 1. Our Natural Konjac Sponge – I’m so glad this was chosen for the Oh Mumma box as it’s an amazing natural sponge for both mum and baby. Try it with your favourite face wash tonight to gently cleanse away the day, you won’t regret it! Konjac contains natural antioxidant properties and helps to balance pH levels, leaving your skin feeling naturally moisturised as if it’s had a mini facial.
  2. Kokoso Baby Organic Coconut Oil – Our multi-tasking wonder oil is definitely not just for babies. Try it as a make-up remover & cleanser, eye cream, hand & nail oil, all over body moisturiser, pregnancy tummy balm, soothing nipple treatment, natural deodorant, after sun, overnight hair mask, lip balm and more. It’s the ultimate must- have for your skincare and beauty regime!
  3. Mama Designs Bamboo Breast Pads – These are re-usable, washable breast pads that are better for the environment and your skin. Not only are they super soft but they stay at body temperature when wet, unlike disposables ones that get cold and uncomfortable.
  4. Baby Nails by The Thumble – Sooo much safer than nail clippers, this is a wearable nail file you pop on your thumb to safely file down your baby’s nails while they sleep. A genius idea invented by a mum, like all the best products!
  5. The Allergy Badge – If your child has allergies, this is a really lovely way of letting the world know without making them feel ‘different’. The Allergy Badge make bold, colourful slogan T-shirts, enamel badges and stickers that your child will actually want to wear, whilst keeping their allergies front of mind for everyone else.

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What's next on the horizon for Kokoso?

I’m really looking forward to launching a gorgeous new product next month, growing the business internationally. As our children grow, we’re discovering other skin and hair troubles that call for kind and gentle skincare solutions, so we’d absolutely love to create a range for bigger kids too. Watch this space…

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