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It's a.... - Oh Mumma

The gender reveal.  First question is do you find out or not?  When I asked our Instagram audience what they thought, the response was 68% yes and 32% no.  We didn't find out with Brae, our first and we were torn on what to do this time with the second.  We didn't find out the first time largely because I've never felt strongly either way.  I think some people do from the start and experience all sorts of emotions when it's not the sex they 'want' or thought and others don't.  Genuinely and excuse the cliche, I just wanted a healthy baby.  Also after many years of trying and then having IVF where everything is dictated to you and you are in control of zero it's quite nice to have something that's a surprise, that no-one else can influence, guess, tell you etc.  I had no idea until the moment Brae came out that he was a boy - the massive pair of balls floating through the air as they took him off before they placed him on me was the giveaway seconds before they announced, 'Congratulations, you have a boy'.  No shit Sherlock!




This time my pregnancy was really different from the start and my gut said it was a girl.  With Brae I did have an inkling he was a boy actually,  but mainly because I'd seen 4 magpies together just after the embryo was implanted - very scientific me!!  There's also the practical side of things that kicked into place.  We've kept most of Brae's clothes for example to pass to someone else or donate and although his clothes are every colour of the rainbow there are some things that I wouldn't dress a girl in.  


There's also something in my head that thinks, does anyone else other the parents and often the grand parents actually give a shit what sex it is again, as long as it's healthy which is why a gender reveal type situation was never an option for us.  Firstly obviously there are no parties etc allowed at the moment but for me I find them really cringey - the whole pink and blue cake/balloon/fireworks - delete as appropriate, is not for me.  Brae looks great in pink and girls look fab in blue - it all feels so 1980's to say it's a pink one or it's a blue one.... I totally get that others love that but it's not for me so a reason not to make a big deal of the sex.  If we'd found out it was a boy people would say 'Oh lovely, two boys' and if it was a girl (the same) people would say 'Oh lovely, one of each' lol.  It just all makes me chuckle, a bit uncomfortably....


We decided to find out in the end as a good friend with 3 kiddos has always found out as she likes something to break the pregnancy up and something to get excited about which totally makes sense.  She's also very practical too so like me will start thinking of things like names.


So we decided to find out and it's definitely helped us stop calling it an 'IT" and we can tell Brae and his little cousins that 'Baby' has a gender.  It's still something that's each to their own and having found out one and not the other I do see both sides.


Oh, by the way it's a GIRL!  Just don't say it's a pink one ;-) 





Did you find out?  Were you upset when you found out the sex?  Can't wait to read your comments below...


Kyra x




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