Getting number one ready for number two...

Getting number one ready for number two... - Oh Mumma

People have started to ask how am I feeling about how Brae will feel and behave when the baby comes. I don't know really if I'm honest. Quite chilled??  Should I be worried??  Brae's nature is very laid back and he's good with new people and strangers but he's also used to having us all to himself.  My sister was born when I was about 2 years and 10 months old and apparently I was a BITCH!  Soz mum - and yes, they still go on about it.... Will Brae be the same??


There are lots of tips out there to help prepare so we're going to let him chose the name out of a bowl (they'll all be the same obviously but at least he should think he's chosen it - I might try that with Dan actually ;-) ) It's very unlikely that he'll be able to come into the hospital when I'm in anyway so we don't have to worry about that and he obviously isn't allowed to attend any appointments or scans at the moment so that's out too.  We'll get him a gift from his little brother or sister for when we come home and we'll make sure he's already indoors so he doesn't arrive back to this new 'thing' and get disgruntled.  There are lots of fab personalised books available introducing kids to their new siblings so I'm up for your recommendations on those please and anything else you found that generally helped.





He's very loving and gives kisses and cuddles all of the time to us and the bump so I'm hoping he's the same with the baby but how do you make sure they're not too rough?  Anyone had experience in this?  He's not exactly delicate with our poor cat so I'm not convinced baby will be any different...   I show him photos of him as a baby and explain that he was once in my tummy, not that he gets it I'm sure but you never know.  


I'm hoping by the time we are due at the end of April, beginning of May that life will be a bit more 'normal', whatever that means, and that I get the chance to have some one on one days and time with him before delivery day.  Because I'm having a planned C-section, I 'should' know when I'm going in and we can make arrangements for him, which is likely to be an exciting sleepover at his cousins - is that OK Jen? (haven't actually asked yet lol!) which he will love and we'll know he's having the time of his life and won't have to worry about him.  He's in a great routine with childminders and nursery so the plan is to stick to that and then generally see how everything goes.  Dan works in live music and is usually away a lot and in one way I hope he is back working properly by then (cheers Covid 19 for his crappiest year ever) but on the other hand there would definitely be advantages for all of us if he's around more.  Time will tell I guess and another thing that we can't control so won't worry about for now. 



If it doesn't go swimmingly, I'll be back on here asking for more tricks, bribes, anything but hopefully after some initial adjustment for all of us, it will. Watch this space...


Kyra x

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