Birth stories - here's mine. How was it for you?

Birth stories - here's mine.  How was it for you?

Well, it's been a while since I've been on here.  I've been busy with a new baby and Shannon was left holding the fort here so I thought I'd hop on and give an update on the birth, and will hopefully follow up soon on our first few weeks and what's next for us and Oh Mumma.


So, from my last blog you can see that I was all prepared (well, as prepared as you can be) for the arrival of our little girl.  My first birth resulted in an emergency C-section after several days of labour and all sorts so it was recommended that this time I had a planned C-section.  Which is still called 'elective' as if it's some multiple choice answer in a quiz....  Anyway, one of the pro's to this is that you (obviously) know when you are going to go into hospital and can plan for it.  


We'd made arrangements for Brae, our eldest to be with my sister which he loved as this meant a sleepover with his two cousins so nothing to worry about there.  I had a final cup of tea and some porridge at 6am and was then nil by mouth.  We got to the hospital as requested at 11am and found out that we would go down in the afternoon.  Dan was allowed to stay throughout which was great and an improvement on most births throughout Covid.  It got to 4pm and I was starting to get fidgety (OK, hangry) as we hadn't heard anything other than a few checks to get changed into the gown, sexy compression socks and to go over my details.  We finally went down about 4pm and went over everything with the anethesist and did the obligatory signing your life away on the scary consent form.  I know they have to do it but right before is always so scary.


Although my first C-section was classed as an emergency it wasn't a crazy rush so I knew what to expect but this time was much calmer and I took in a lot more of the surroundings - how many people were in the theatre, the whiteboard where they record everything throughout the procedure and generally just more of the scale of the event.  I had sorted a playlist this time and remembered to ask them to take photos at certain points, none of which we even thought of with Brae.  Everything started at 4.40pm and Penny was born at 4.51pm weighing 7lb 8oz.  She came into the world to Roberta Flack's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and when they showed her to  me it was perfect (even though writing it now I can see how wanky it sounds!). The rest of the playlist was just as cheesy actually,  Katy Perry's ROAR, Alicia Keys' This Girl is on Fire and the like and some of our favourites from Bruce Springsteen, Pink, Rod Stewart and David Bowie.  



After a minute or so, they whisked her off to weigh her etc and Dan disappeared with them as they sorted me out. I'd made him promise to not let her out of his sight before we went in and he wanted to cut the cord too.  It's such a weird feeling as I knew what they were doing to my body at this time, where they were working etc as I could feel it but it didn't hurt at all.  It's almost like a bit of a tugging sensation at times.  Dan came back with her in his arms and I felt a pang of jealousy that they were taking so long to 'sew me up' and that I couldn't hold her even though I knew I had all night, well, the rest of my life with her.  

We went down to Recovery - just me and the baby and Dan returned to the ward and she quickly latched straight onto the boob which was fab.  Brae took a while so I was anticipating the same with her but it seemed easier.  I'd always said I would try and breastfeed and if it didn't happen was happy to go on to bottle feeding so I didn't feel under pressure either way.  We were soon OK'd and went to join Dan. The next few hours were a blur of loveliness and some calls letting people know we were all OK.  Actually, one part wasn't a blur - my halloumi and salmon burger - literally the BEST thing I've ever eaten!!!  Followed by a cup of NHS tea, again, the best I'd ever had!



Dan had to leave by 10pm so he set me up for the night with everything we needed.  The most frustrating bit for me again (same as last time) was not being able to move and literally pressing that bloody buzzer for everything.  The team at the hospital were amazing though and nothing was a problem.  They actually said they can't wait until partners are allowed to stay overnight again (which they mostly are now I believe) as it would take a bit of the strain off of them.  At this point we still hadn't decided on a name.  Yes, we had a big list with a shortlist but still weren't agreed on one, in fact we kept changing our minds, from the final 4.  Penny is my mum's maiden name and my sister, cousins and me were lucky enough to have the most amazing Nan, Nanny Penny for some of the best year's of our lives so I'd wanted Penny to be part of her name but we weren't sure whether it would be a middle name or a first name.  Names are a lot of pressure and it's all everyone asks you, 'Have you got a name for her yet?'.  No...piss off ha.  

We had quite a chilled night (apart from a dripping tap) but I couldn't sleep anyway.  I just kept looking at her in that little cot and couldn't sleep even though I thought I'd be exhausted.  I remember that feeling with Brae too it's a mix of a  euphoria, crazy hormones and this massive buzz that you're on...and probably a lot of drugs, but whatever, I didn't sleep much.  I rang Dan bright and early to make sure he was on his way and said to him I was coming home that day.  No one had told me that yet but I knew I had to do the infamous 'wee' test, if you know, you know, that Penny (we decided on the name that morning) had to be checked and I had to be checked.  We were both fine and given the all clear to go.  Get me outta here!!!!



It was pretty late by the time we got home and my sister brought Brae back.  We made sure Penny was still in her pram when he came in and the focus was on him. Lots of big hugs (OK, tears...mine) followed and he seemed pretty chilled at the latest addition especially as she'd bought him a bike, what a great sister!


The next few days were busy getting to know each other and Penny meeting family and friends.  I can't believe that was 12 weeks ago! A lot has happened in the world and in our four walls since then but for us, so far so good.  Our family has been completed with Little P.


More to come soon on the first few months but I gotta go, baby needs feeding...again!


Kyra xx


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