Tabitha Eve Reusable Make Up Rounds - 8 pack

Tabitha Eve Reusable Make Up Rounds - 8 pack

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As an alternative to single use cotton pads, these are perfect for removing make up or applying toner as a part of your zero waste beauty routine. They are handmade, eco-friendly, plastic-free and made from cotton and bamboo.

Each pad contains naturally antibacterial bamboo, which feels silky soft on your skin. The rounds are washable and reusable, making them much more eco-friendly and sustainable. When you're finally done with them, they're biodegradable!

Just wash the pads before first use and then, simply rinse in cold water under the tap after use, using soap if required. The pads can be laundered cool with usual load and left to dry naturally.

Your first box will be on its way in just a few business days.  If you ordered a reoccurring subscription subsequent boxes are sent out the beginning of March, May, July, September, and November.  So that may mean that your second box comes a bit quicker (depending on when you order)