Spoooktacular Ideas for Halloween

Spoooktacular Ideas for Halloween - Oh Mumma

Well, trick or treating is pretty much out of the question as we know it this year so it's time to get creative on what you CAN do with your little ones this Halloween.        

We started early this year and have been pumpkin picking already and shared our favourite cake ideas with you guys too but it turns out with a little imagination and a lot of creative thinking Halloween is still happening.



Pumpkin picking this year for us was simpler and more civilised than ever.  Last year everyone flocked to our local farm, Stanhill Farm, in their droves, fought over pumpkins, queued forever to pay for them and then got stuck in the muddy car park on the way out - not fun.  This year, to limit numbers and manage social distancing we just had to book a time slot.  Simples.  No queues, no squabbling and no mud - perfect!  Check out where your nearest one is. 




There are lots of templates and stencils available online for pumpkin carving and most supermarkets are on board now creating kits for the kids - we are going to give this one from Sainsburys (£2.50) a go, wish us luck!  



Same goes for recipes on what to do with all the pumpkin flesh - pumpkin soup anyone?




Dressing up has never been so easy, whether you're a 'buy an off the shelf number' mum like me, or someone who'll spend hours creating something super special, kids love dressing up.  They love crafts too right?  So, whether you buy ready made packs of cobwebs, yep me again, or spend hours on long walks collecting dried leaves, sticks and conkers to make the perfect Halloween scene, nothing passes the time like Halloween crafting.  

Why not let the kids help with dinner too and have a scary pizza competition?  Our local bakers, Bakers of Bexley, created these fab kits (3 for £10 or £4 each) where everything needed comes in one box.  As you can see, ours were far from perfect that's half the fun.  





And don't judge the crappy photo - you try taking a decent pic with hungry kids grabbing at their dinner! 

You can make your own base or buy ready made ones, add your toppings and hey presto!  For dessert, add some jelly worms or eyeball sweets to some lime flavoured jelly to follow with 'slime'.


For a healthier option, make bananas into ghosts and satsumas into pumpkins...they'll never know.  Well, OK they will but it's worth a go.              

One of our followers suggested a sweetie hunt just as you would an Easter egg hunt - genius.  If you've got a garden and the rain holds off then get outside and create a hunt and if not, create a hunt indoors with clues for the kids to follow.




Our street is doing Trick or Treating but with some 'amends' for this year.  Just like the rainbow pictures for the NHS, we are going to put pumpkin pictures up in our windows if we are up for trick or treaters.  Between 4-7pm we'll leave sweets and treats out for trick or treaters out so parents can take their little ones out still.  The sweets 'n' treats will be individually wrapped and on sticks plus our trusty hand sanitiser will never be far away so no one needs to miss out.  See if your local area is up for it and think of the positives, most costumes come with a mask, winning!

And for the adults...  Dare I say the 'Z' word, yes Zoom.  If it is a case of  full lockdown then it might be time to revisit quiz nights.  Add a bit of fancy dress, some creepy cocktails and Halloween based questions and you've got yourself a Halloween night in sorted.  Failing that have a scary movie night, get cosy under the duvet and binge watch your favourite Halloween themed flicks. 


Don't have nightmares...

 Kyra xx 

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