Potty training, the story so far...

Potty training, the story so far...

When is the best time to potty train?  God knows!?  People have said as early as 9 months - sorry, but wtf!?  Or, others go with the 'as long as it's before they start school then all good', chain of thought.  


potty training


I was secretly hoping that Brae would just one day show some signs that he was ready but nope, it was time to bite the bullet.  We've had a potty in the bathroom for about a year.  It's an exact replica of a real loo and even makes the 'flushing' noise when you've 'been'.  He'd sit on it every now and then and maybe have a wee just before he went in the bath but that was it.


We decided that over the Christmas break would be a good time as we were both at home and could share the load, so to speak.  We bought 'fun' pants with his favourite characters on (top tip by several packets.  5 pairs of pants is NOT enough).  Is Christmas the best time when there's lots of excitement and no routine sensible?  Maybe not, but too late.  We did a few days of Brae being starkers indoors or just in pants and the potty in the room all the time and kept asking him if he needed a wee which worked quite well.  He'd have a dribble then go to the potty and finish off there.  To be honest, we aren't much further on a month or so later...  He wears pants every day and we put him on the potty every hour but sometimes he just has a full on wee in his pants and then announces it like it's totally cool.  Newsflash Brae, it' s not!   We've asked nursery and our childminders to do the same and they've been great  but as with everything, some days are better than others.  


Indoors we are getting there but venturing out is trickier.  We take the Pottiagogo which is a travel, collapsable potty with biodegradable, disposable bags as it's smaller than lugging an actual potty around and this has been a lifesaver but sometimes still don't make it in time.



It literally lives in the car boot...


potty outside

This week I'm on to bribery - i.e. you get a treat if you pee on the potty and not in your pants as he's just not up for wearing pants at all and is all about  going back to the pull up nappies.  Give me strength!!  2 steps forward, 1 step back is how I'd sum it up.  Is rewards, sticker charts, treats etc a good idea or a rod for our own backs??  God knows.  

We've been given some bedtime story books too that he's probably been reading for about a year - Super Pooper and Whizz Kid but nope, still not subconsciously/miraculously worked. 

What worked for you?  Patience I'm sure which has never been my strong point lol.   

Lots of people have an opinion that girls take to it better than boys but who knows.  It'll be interesting to see how Penny differs in a couple of years when we start all over again with her. 


What I can't wait for when we crack this is 1, not having to buy any more nappies (think of the £ savings) and 2, going out without nappies, wipes, nappy bags, spare clothes etc etc!  That's the goal....


Ky x


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