Mummas, meet Bundlee...

Mummas, meet Bundlee...

Babies outgrow clothes so fast it can be hard to keep up! With little ones outgrowing 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, it quickly can get very expensive and feels horrible seeing so many clothes go to waste!

A genius rental service is trying to change that – meet Bundlee!  We spoke to founder Eve on what they are all about and got the rundown on how it works and where it’s going next!

Spoiler alert - they’ve given Oh Mumma readers a lovely offer at the end…;)  You're welcome!



OM - So, what is Bundlee?

Eve - Bundlee is the UK’s first rental service for baby clothes. You pick your Bundlee subscription plan and receive a set of clothes for your little one’s size and the season. Then just like magic, conveniently swap clothes as they grow.

Look, we know parents face a lot of challenges in the first years; soaring bills, homes overflowing with baby ‘stuff’ and general organisational challenges – all when you are at your most time poor. 

There are tonnes of other benefits too when you rent your baby’s wardrobe with Bundlee.  You, help save the planet...  With sustainability at the core, we want to provide a better alternative for parents. Clothes that are returned are professionally cleaned and sanitised before being shared with the next renting family. Our model reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 86% – pretty amazing right! 

I love that by trying out Bundlee for a month, you’ll have saved 7kg of CO2 emissions, helping to create a better future for your little one to grow into. 

It also helps you get organised and save space, always a winner.  You can pre-order your bundlee up to 6 months in advance of your due date. We’ll send you exactly what you’ll need for your little one. Just send back when your baby grows (before you know it!) and we’ll send you out the next size up. No storing clothes for them to grow into or packing away tiny baby clothes into the loft.


A great bonus too is that it saves money.  Preparing for baby can be expensive – so save money where you can! For just £24 or £39 a month you get access to the best quality baby clothes without the cost (or guilt) of buying new. Did you know, first time parents spend on average £997 on clothing in baby’s first year* – bundlee parents spend on average £378 in one year?  That’s a saving of £619 in the first year alone!




Bundlee’s baby clothing rental service is also a great way to get amazing quality clothes from some of your favourite premium brands including MORI, Mini Rodini, Patagonia and more and save 75% on RRP. 

OM - Wow, so many advantages of renting.  Eve, what’s next for Bundlee?

Eve - We’ve just launched a new partnership with Stella McCartney – it’s been a dream of mine to have them on board for a long time so I’m thrilled and beyond excited to see it come to life! 

OM - Do you have any tips to help families be less wasteful?

Eve - Rent whenever you can, borrow or buy second hand – and don’t forget to hand down things yourself. You can’t aim for perfection – but try to consider other options before you buy new.


OM - Finally…what’s your proudest moment since launching Bundlee?

Eve - Seeing little ones grow up in our clothes. It’s wonderfull being involved in these special moments of their lives. We get sent photos of little ones from those first precious days to when they’re crawling and walking for the first time - all in our clothes!


Bundlee want to offer the Oh Mumma community a 30 day free trial with code: OHMUMMA30 


Terms: Can be redeemed against any subscription on Your subscription is flexible and can be paused or cancelled at any time. Once your free trial period is over, the card on your account will be charged if your subscription continues.


*Study by ErgoBaby


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