Meet the Mumma behind Natural Deodorant Co.

Meet the Mumma behind Natural Deodorant Co.

As you guys know we love shouting out some of our favourite mums in business so we're kicking this year off with Laurie, the founder of The Natural Deo Co, not just because we think she's fab but because we bloody love the products too.

OM - Tell us about The Natural Deodorant Co and how it came about.

The Natural Deodorant Co was born out of necessity. I had been desperately looking for a natural deodorant to use while I was pregnant with my daughter (back in 2008, eek!) and couldn’t find anything that came close to the effectiveness of ‘normal’ roll-on or antiperspirant. Myself and my (then) husband decided to have a go at making something at home. Our recipe worked brilliantly and after making our own deodorants at home for a good number of years we decided to ‘see if anyone else is interested’ and the rest is history!



OM - Does being a mum influence the products you create?

Hmm. That’s an interesting question. I guess it does, for a couple of different reasons.
1. It helps me stay committed to sustainability because their future planet relies on us all trying our best.
2. Being a working mum of three (plus a Labrador) is the busiest I’ve ever been, and the idea of using a deodorant that needs to be reapplied is quite frankly unthinkable. So, I guess being a mum has made me hyper aware of using really effective, low-fuss products.


OM - What do you wish you knew before you became a parent?

You will get it wrong sometimes…and the kids will be just fine. My children are 14, 11 and 8 now and every age and stage just brings fresh challenges so you may as well be ok with learning on the go and drop any notion of perfection. 


OM - What are you glad you didn't know before you had kids?

Some kids don’t sleep! My son didn’t sleep until he was about 3 years old and I think if I’d known that level of sleep deprivation was a possibility I might’ve chosen a child-free life! 


OM - We hear you about the sleep!!!   Everyone talks about the 'juggle and work/life balance.  How do you tackle this?

I like to hope this ‘work/life balance’ concept is a myth because in the 8 years since we started this business I don’t think I’ve had a single week where I’ve balanced everything. Something or someone in the equation always feels like they haven’t had enough attention. My sanity savers are ‘switching off’ after a certain time of day, even if things are unfinished and my bullet journal


OM - How do you take time out for yourself/self-care?
I’ve very recently started getting my brows and nails done, which feels very indulgent. Unfortunately I think it comes with business owner territory to feel really guilty and lazy while I’m having them done. Aside from that it’s probably an hour a day when I walk the dog. We live on the edge of the woods and it’s my sanctuary.



OM - We are massive advocates for a good brow treatment here at Oh Mumma!  What's your biggest 'pinch me' moment so far?

Probably receiving an email to say our deodorants would be on the shelves of more than 600 Holland + Barrett stores. An absolute dream come true. I also had a conversation with one of our long-standing retail partners recently where the buyer told me that our natural deodorant was the one that convinced them that natural deodorant can actually work. When people in the industry say things like that, I really get a sense that we’ve done something brilliant.


OM - You definitely have!!


If you haven't tried natural deodorants yet - what are you waiting for?  Check out Oh Mumma to find out more.


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