The Mumma behind Mamamade: Sophie Baron

The Mumma behind Mamamade: Sophie Baron

Becoming a mother

My daughter was born in September 2017, and I’ll be the first to say it - I was completely underprepared.
I’d always dreamt of motherhood. My birth was straightforward, empowering, and ecstatic - but when it came to taking care of my baby, I felt like I was failing just a little bit, every single day. I really struggled. It took a full year to be diagnosed with postnatal depression, and in that time, I didn’t encounter anyone who was talking about how hard that first year could be.
Social media was still a very glossy highlights reel. Everyone I knew was surrounded by their own mothers, grandmothers, siblings - extended families who could form a village. Me? As an expat in London, I had no village. It was incredibly isolating.
At the time I didn’t really understand that I needed help. I wasn’t sure how to ask for help, and I didn’t feel like I deserved it - I was on maternity leave, after all. I had all the time in the world. I hated that I couldn’t cope better, because no one was talking about how hard it could be to cope without help.

The first inklings of an idea
Despite how hard I found the first few months of parenting, I was actually really excited about weaning. I loved watching my baby try new foods, and for the first time, parenting felt rewarding and exciting.
I had a passion for weaning. It sounds weird, but my husband and I have both always loved food, and we wanted Liba to love all the things we loved; it was important to me that she be a confident eater. But I also found a lot of the resources out there a bit tone deaf, or old-fashioned. There weren’t any cookbooks or recipes that felt fresh and exciting. The advice was conflicting and outdated. It was hard to know who to trust.
And when I went back to work at 6 months, I felt extra-desperate for some additional support. I couldn’t believe that my only options were either to 1. Cook everything myself, or 2. Rely on long-life, highly processed baby food pouches that looked nothing like the food I was able to cook myself. I felt strongly that there had to be a better way to feed babies conveniently.
I don’t remember exactly when all of these feelings led me to start Mamamade. I kept wishing for something that would feel right to me as a mother; a place where I could interact and meet with other parents who were feeling like I was; and on the product side, I just really wanted good convenience food - and didn’t want to feel embarrassed for wanting that.
It was a sort of frustration that grew over time, until I felt brave enough to believe that I could start something that would meet these needs.
So I just started from my kitchen. I still had my full-time job. At that point, the food was my main focus - and because it was just me over Instagram, I quickly forged connections with Mamamade customers, and in turn, it started to feel like a community, as I got to know everyone and learned about what is important to them.

Mamamade Today
As we’ve grown, I’ve stayed focused on creating that feeling of support I desperately needed when I first had my daughter. We started with the meals, but now we also offer snacks, coaching, and digital downloads. We’re developing new ways of connecting with our community.
I want people to see Mamamade and know they’ve found a place they can come free from judgment, with products that make their lives easier, more restful, and more fulfilling!

Try Mamamade for yourself!
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