5 Easy Eco Kitchen Swaps For Busy Mums- every little bit helps

5 Easy Eco Kitchen Swaps For Busy Mums

Hands up who wants to be a bit better when it comes to caring for the planet and reducing their carbon footprint, even just a little bit.  Us too!  This year we've loved finding brands who are on a mission to do just that and have been sharing them with you.  Here are some of our faves and some extra little mum hacks too.

First up, The Silicone Straw company.  We've all tried paper ones, which melt after your second cocktail, just admit it... And don't even get me started on kids chewing them!  Metal ones, well they taste a bit metal-y, and I once made the mistake of drinking a hot drink through one.  Not recommended by the way.

But we love these silicone straws.  So much so that we've previously included them in our boxes.  They're great for kiddie cups as you can cut them to size plus they come with a cleaning brush so no nasties can build up inside.  Mine came into their own in hospital after my c-section when I could barely move.  Life saver.  

Another fave from a previous box are the beeswax wraps.  I barely do Tupperware and definitely used too much foil and cling film before we worked with these guys. They are a great alternative and can be reused over and over again.  We opted for the cute rainbow designs but they have loads to pick from and will make picnics and packed lunches fun when it's time for school.


 Tabitha Eve is a brand who create handmade, reusable products that definitely help towards a zero waste lifestyle. There are so many single use household items in most of our homes that they have covered, like their washable multi-purpose cloths for around the kitchen or for sticking in a changing bag.

I also love their make up remover rounds, which are amazing and never seem to wear out. Or if you're breastfeeding, their reusable breast pads were our go to! 


Finally a recent discovery and highlight from the Summer box are these reusable ice pop bags by Nom Nom.  Yes, mine are filled with rosé rather than a smoothie or juice but why not?



Wild & Stone toothbrushes were such a hit with our kids when we had them in a previous box as they loved choosing which colour toothbrush to use each day.  We were shocked to learn that over 260 million toothbrushes are thrown away each year in the UK alone, and it takes around 1,000 years for a plastic toothbrush to decompose, meaning they will be around for roughly 25 generations.  Wow.  Just Wow.

natural toothbrush


It's going to be a weird conversation one day when we can tell our kids about a time when we didn't recycle, a time before Greta Thunberg, a time when 'plant based' wasn't a thing and when Seaspiricy wasn't even a concept in a producers mind and a time when everyone used plastic packaging. Climate change wasn't even a thing - almost like when our parents think back to how 'OK' it was to smoke everywhere or go out without SPF...  

Top tip - start with one or two things and work your way up to gradually replacing more and more of the items in your home.  I'm more of a baby steps gal than all or nothing type for sure. 

Let us know what you've swapped in your kitchen or home too!


Check out our Build A Box area for the best of these products. 

 Kyra. x 



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